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“Here in the Southwest Joe Hayes is a folk hero: everybody’s favorite

teller of tales from our own favorite part of the world.” —Byrd Baylor

Joe Hayes has been traveling up and down the country, back and forth across the country, telling stories of the Southwest for over 40 years. 


He was the pioneer of bilingual Spanish-English storytelling. Joe has published over twenty-five books, many in both English and Spanish.


Joe has delighted and inspired children in thousands of schools and was the resident storyteller at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe for 39 years. Many parents and teachers of today's kids heard Joe's tales when they themselves were children.


“He rolls his eyes, gestures and grimaces in awe at each turn of events as if he is hearing the tale for the first time himself. The listeners reel and laugh right along with him.”

                                                                                                                                       The Christian Science Monitor

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Joe Hayes is popular as a visiting author and storyteller. He demonstrates that sharing stories is a natural human pleasure, a delight to both the listener and the teller—and an important learning experience for children.

Each presentation includes an age-appropriate story from Joe’s books and discussion of culture, writing, publishing, storytelling and career choice. Each group is given a follow-up writing challenge and encouraged to send their stories to Joe.

My wife loves your stories. She’s still remembers you when you told her the stories in kindergarten.                                                                                                                                                                                                             —Youtube comment


"Joe’s stories were so relatable. It was about you, it was your story growing up.  And he told stories in Spanish and English. He’s the reason I’m bilingual"                                                             —R. Abeles, age 42



“You told me stories in Carrizozo, NM. I think I was in the second grade. I am currently an 8th grade Civics teacher in Franklin Township, New Jersey. If you ever come to New York City, please get in contact with me. I’d love to hear you weave your magical web of words into a memory that will  last a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                    —S. Samora

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